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  • 18 June 2015
  • 5-7p Every Thursday DJ Offishal is mixing Hip Hop R&B and Throwbacks

DJ Offishal

  • 12 January 2015
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Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Dj Offishal began djing at age 9. He knew he wanted to be a dj after seeing the local djs, hired by his father, a nightclub owner. After school he would watch them set up, and in those moments he discovered the original dj methods like crate digging , record selection, and the hustle and flow that separate good djs from great djs.


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17 May 2017 Green Room Sessions 5-17-17

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DJ Zouain plays around with music from Earth Wind & Fire Vs Ozzy, Rich Boy, Kanye, Lauryn Hill, Sublime, Too many T’s and much more!

14 May 2017 Cop talk, Fast food weddings, and nazis.

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Zouain gets friendly with cops. Getting married in Fast food joints. words of wisdom from the last Nazi Prosecutor.

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