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Always Mention The Germans!

  • 5 December 2016
On The Highjack, Drivers who merge at the last minute and why they’re right in doing so, Spotify billboards that call out your listening habits. we discuss a digital billboard was hacked and what the hacker decided to broadcast, and we close out the show talking about the consequences of a 15 dollar minimum wage.
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America: Season Finale

  • 18 November 2016
  • Weeknights at 7 on www.TheEnd.FM

On this weeks episode of the The Highjack we first go over possibly the most interesting election of the United States and we welcome the season finale of America. The Professor wants to start his own party and explains how we completely got amendment 2 all wrong for Florida. DD tells us its somehow funny to her that she got dumped and we find out why. Then the Professor tells us other things going on in his life other than the election and Zouain tells us his experience with death.

Put your mouth where your vote is - The Highjack Podcast 10-21-16

  • 21 October 2016
  • Weekdays at 7pm on www.TheEnd.FM

On this episode of The Highjack we start off by discussing the differences between Lyft and Uber. Then the Professor goes over some of the ballot questions for this years election and we find out how Madonna is going to clinch victory for Hillary Clinton, or possibly win all of the male vote.

Champagne & Publix Fried Chicken -The Highjack 9/30/16

  • 30 September 2016
On this episode of the Highjack we congratulate the Red Sox for clinching the division heading into the end of the season but it wasn’t in high fashion. ForNow and Zouain are happy with the clinch but the Professor is still bitter on how it went down. We find out how much people are willing to pay to hit the worlds biggest douche for a good cause. We leave common sense at the door and talk about a guy who lost drugs and what he did to try and recover them. We touch on the debate, And then we close the show figuring out what is going on with Zouain's favorite candidate.

Stop or I'll shoot! Move or I'll shoot!

  • 27 September 2016
  • Weeknights at 7 on www.TheEnd.FM

This week on the Highjack we have our fearless leader back after his successful tonsillectomy and if that wasn’t enough Zouain gets rear ended while stopped at a light. Then we talk about the Charlotte NC shooting and the Tulsa Oklahoma shooting because now it seems like theres one every other day.

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19 Jun 2017 The Hijack: Tragedies, comedies and apologies

Greg Runge joins the show & we talk pulse, DC Terrorist, & Kathy Griffin/Bill Maher/Comedy

OG co-host and show namer, Greg Runge joins the show to hang out in the professor’s absence. Pulse memorial, DC terrorist that shot the congressman. Is there a line in comedy?
3 Jun 2017 Kink & Christianity????

What are some similarities between Kink and Christianity?

Zouain is joined by Master Cecil of The Woodshed, a local kink dungeon. We cover the similarities between the world of kink and Christianity. We talk about dungeon etiquette, we briefly touch on Taken in Hand relationships, and much more. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and Google play music!

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